We would like to thank you for attending our AI Convention Europe 2018 that took place on Thursday the 4th of October 2018 in Brussels at the BluePoint venue.

We are proud to announce that we hosted: 20 Speakers - 16 Conferences ! The event was the occasion for professionals from sectors affected by AI to attend workshops and discuss about its impact on industry, business and society and the questions and challenges it raises on security, law and ethics.

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Be ready for the next edition !

AI Convention Europe 2018 Artificial Intelligence Brussels
AI Convention Europe 2018 BluePoint Brussels
AI Convention Europe 2018 Artificial Intelligence Brussels

AI Convention ? 

Targeted at B2B markets mainly, this full day of conferences will bring together industry players with large accounts and professionals.

Attendee ? 

15 experts will be present during this event. So do not miss the possibility to attend this event and go and visit our registration page.

Sponsor ? 

If you would like to participate in our event as a sponsor, do not hesitate to send us an email asking for more information. 

Laurent Boes IBM AI Convention Europe
Laurent Boes 📎

IBM Belgium
IBM Strategist & Client Executive Financial services


Adrian Hornsby AWS AI Convention Europe 2018
Adrian Hornsby 📎

Amazon Web Services
Technical Evangelist